Can you tell what it is yet….

I saw this on Fleabay the other week and it didn’t sell as there was only one image of it and the seller wasn’t too quick with the emails. So they re-listed it with more images and of course there were loads more bidders. John and I decided to take a punt and luckily we got it for just under our top bid.


Its a Kodak No.3 Studio Camera, this one has a half plate back on it and a Dallmeyer 3D Soft Focus lens, although this camera will take larger plates, its labelled for whole plate.


The bellows requires some work as does the lens, the aperture blades are buckled.

In the US they can be picked up real cheaply, but over here in the UK they can go for silly money, so I think we got a good deal even with some of the problems, will look real good in the studio especially as we’ll be using it.