Carson & Miller

Jonathan Carson & Rosie Miller have worked collaboratively as Carson & Miller since 2000. They experiment with audio and the spoken word, live game playing and collaborative drawing, as well as producing artists’ book and other printed matter. Carson & Miller’s practice explores the impulse to tell and re-tell stories. They are particularly interested in non-linear and halted narratives.

Yesterday they popped into the studio to pick up some digital work I had done for them. They had previously expressed an interest in my wetplate work so we shot a few quick plates. Light was fading fast with exposures getting to 16 seconds at F4, between fits of giggles and the lack of an additional head brace, it goes without saying there are just a few subject movements on the plates…..

It was interesting to see the difference in tone in their skin and that their spec lenses came out much darker maybe due to some UV coating?

I’ll see if they’d like to come back again when the lighting is better and we can set something up a bit better.

I can see I need to filter my silver bath and my dev as theres a few comets on each of the plates.






Whole plate CGA and one tintype