Cenarth, West Wales

On Friday I travelled down to Swansea for some wet plate collodion work for a BBC TV series, unfortunately thats all I can say, it will be aired in January and went very well. I’ll blog about it after its been screened.

Whilst in Wales I decided to visit my Parents in New Quay, Steph got the train to Aberystwyth, so I picked her up from there.

We visited Cardigan, Aberaeron, Newcastle Emlyn etc. A few antique centres, car boot sales and junk shops later and I was the better off with some large Victorian portraits, a paper guillotine and a small brass landscape lens all for less than a tenner!

One place we stopped at for lunch was Cenarth. As I had the wet plate gear in the back of the car, it was a case of “it would be rude not to!” To be honest I don’t think my heart was in it and maybe felt obliged to shoot such lovely scenery. Does anyone else ever feel like that?



So here you go, three tintypes and an ambrotype.

Quite like this one.

This was the last plate. Wish I’d taken a bit more time and not cropped so tight to the top of the roof.


First plate, an ambrotype, under exposed then pushed dev. Looks ok as a plate surprisingly.