Chester Cathedral

This weekend I popped in to Chester Cathedral during a Sunday Service and the light in there was amazing.

I rarely post up stand alone digital images, I usually use them to show supporting material from other shoots. My old iphone 4s is the only digital camera I always have with me, not the best camera phone ever invented I know, but how pleasantly surprised was I by this capture.

So I’m making an exception and posting it on my blog and social media sites.

I keep coming back to it, and it is now on my list of images to make a digi neg for printing as a Cyanotype, Van Dyke Brown print or maybe even a Salt Print.


A friend had mentioned its likeness to the amazing work of photographer Frederick H. Evans, and yes the light and feel of the image is very much so, although of a much poorer quality. This brings me back to an previous idea of mine of shooting some large paper negatives of my own workplace, The John Rylands Library.