Clear out time…

Its time for that clear out I keep talking about, lets start with this lot… Now all on ebay

1: A large plate rack, makers initial in metalwork SRL.

2: A very large plate rack, initialled in metalwork PMC.

As requested some pics of dimensions of the racks, and the larger one with a 16″ x 21″ glass plate in it.

IMG_1975 IMG_1976 IMG_1977 IMG_1978 IMG_1979

3: A whole plate camera (6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches) with two plate holders.

4: Whole plate camera, no plate holders. Has been cleaned and polished by previous owner.

5: Lancaster “The International” half plate camera with plate holder and Lancaster Waterhouse stop lens.

6: My trusty 5″x7″ camera with three plate holders, two having been used for wet plate.

7: Hunter Penrose sprung copy holder frame. Its 20″ x 24″, now who do I know with a HP that size?


8: Silver nitrate bath 4″ x 6″

9: Quarter plate silver nitrate bath.


10: Griffin Solar Folding Enlarger, seen here being assembled by Mark and Kristian, sorry its the only pic I have as just thought to add it for sale.


11: Epidiascope lens 18″ f3.6

12: Conley barn door pneumatic shutter.

13: Brass lens, with hood and flange. No matter what configuration I put the elements I cant get it to focus, I dont think its missing an element, maybe a spacer.

14: Dallmeyer RR whole plate lens, waterhouse slot for stops.

15: TT&H WAR 12″x16″ wide angle lens, with flange.

16: Brass barrel petzval, waterhouse slot. About 6 1/2 ” focal length ?f3.5

17: Larger brass barrel waterhouse slot petzval lens. 8 1/2 inch focal length, est f3.5



18: Bausch & Lomb 10″ f5 lens, the aperture blades removed by previous owner, so this is f5 only, with hood and flange.

19: Fallowfield 10″ x 12″ with two plate holder and aplant lens. SOLD

20: Copy Camera with Lancaster meniscus lens. Need a base making but its all there, including bellows very much a project.

Any questions please ask. And do feel free to make me an offer on anything before it goes on Ebay.

More to follow.