Digital Wet Plates…. feels sooooo wrong! but right!

Thanks to Gerald Figal for putting a few of us onto this. He’d mentioned it over on one of the Wet Plate Collodion Facebook groups. Basically your shooting an image of your monitor, in this case from my iMac. I’d always wondered if this would work and thanks to Gerald I gave it a go. Its oh so simple, so simple it feels a little like cheating…..

These are all quarter plates exposed for 30 seconds at f4. Some are on black glass and some on Trophy Aluminium.

Here are four quick portraits from previous digital commercial shoots with Marie Canning, Danielle Austin and Dani Lewis.



And a landscape image. Interesting to see the grass reacting as it should, turning very dark.


A little bit of fine tuning and this could easily be put to commercial use.
Update: Digitypes on my main website

And I had to laugh as my new led safelights make my darkbox look like some voodoo shrine!!