Elizabeth – A wetplate workshop

I’ve not blogged a workshop for a while so heres one from this weekend.

Elizabeth had no darkroom experience but being a self confessed nerd, who has always had an interest in chemistry, she soon got the hang of it. 

Photo 21-01-2017, 16 59 52As usual there were a variety of cameras and lenses to play with. Elizabeth got to grips with the sliding box camera, the Watson studio camera, a whole plate field camera and last but not least the Goerz camera that has been sitting on a shelf unused by wet plate hands… until now. 

Photo 22-01-2017, 16 26 59Some of Elizabeth’s plates from Saturday. She wanted to concentrate on portraiture, so no still life this time, just plate after plate of me. The occasional plate of Elizabeth, where I focussed and removed the lens cap only. There’s only so many plates of me one can tolerate surely.

Photo 22-01-2017, 10 39 47She had already purchased Quinn Jacobson’s collodion manual and had been studying that, I also introduced her to the Osterman and Coffer manuals for comparison.

Photo 22-01-2017, 17 22 10In the wash 

Photo 22-01-2017, 16 49 09

Photo 22-01-2017, 17 47 49Looking pretty pleased with herself, and rightly so, her collodion and varnishing techniques were really good from the start.

Photo 22-01-2017, 16 57 05Varnishing – Sandarac, Shellac, acrylic and Wax… an opportunity to try all with pros and cons discussed. The milk was for the coffee though!

Photo 22-01-2017, 16 56 58Yours truly with Elizabeth’s trademarked sharks fin dev pour faults… she soon rectified this.

Photo 22-01-2017, 17 18 10Some of her later half plate tintypes.

Photo 22-01-2017, 19 44 18She had invited her Dad along on the Sunday afternoon to sit for some Birthday plates.

Photo 22-01-2017, 18 28 57And what cracking plates they were. Happy Birthday Brian.

Photo 22-01-2017, 19 38 21Another in the wash, a half plate ambrotype.

Photo 22-01-2017, 19 26 37  So, a very enjoyable weekend. It’s always a pleasure to see the smile on a new wet platers face.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Elizabeth’s progress now she’s been truly bitten by the wet plate bug.