From big to small

Just for a bit of fun, as mentioned over on the Collodion forum, heres a few attempts at shooting some much smaller plates.

First started with the old Kodak VPC that was in bits, put it back together and removed the frame viewing window at the back, then attached a SD card holder with a cut hole in it.

This didnt work too well, I was getting an image but nothing recognisable.
Plates were around 12 x 15mm ish.

Then moved on to my new 1/4 plate camera, made a quick plywood plate insert for the holder, around 20mm square. I’m no craftsman when it comes to woodwork.


Starting to get somewhere now, with all the chopping and changing I totally forgot that the 20mm square plate would be a 20mm square image on the ground glass screen. Doh. Resulting in a few cropped heads etc.

Heres the results have a quick wash in a now huge bath.
Some were obviously better than others.

Colodion pours this size can be a bit messy. I did start with a pipette but soon converted back to a bottle pour.
Sensitised in a small silver bath tray.
Dev’ed as usual but getting the dev to stay on the whole of the plate was a little tricky, tended to pool in the centre and avoid the edges.


I might have another crack at the Kodak VPC as I think just making an insert for a holder is the easy way out, adapting a different type of camera is much more fun.