Fujicolor PRO 400 in ID-11……?

Okay so after dev’ing that roll of Kodak, I have some ID-11 left over. Something I’ve never done because I never had reason to was to dev a roll of C-41 colour neg film in monochrome chemistry. So rather than pay for a semi used roll to be done in store, to find there was nothing on it, I guessed I might as well have a go.

So, ID-11 at 20C 15 minutes 1-1 dil., water stop, rapid fix.

Well at least theres some images on there. Half a roll of exposures, maybe taken with my old Hasselblad kit I sold a while back. Looks like an exhibition at the Holden Gallery and an exterior shot of the Whitworth, for some reason.

So I suppose it does work, although thats one heck of a lot of grain, mind you I suppose it is iso 400? Unless its been exaggerated by this process?


Edit: The artwork in these two images – “‘Monument for Damian’ sculpture by Brigitte Jurack, displayed in the ‘Art School!’ exhibition in the Holden Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University, March 2009.”


Now where that roll of NPS I’ve got somewhere?