Going mobile…

This has been sitting at home since the first prototype dark cloth was fitted. It was a little small and snug fitting so I think its about time to improve it. Casey has some theatre black out curtains that might be just the trick. Will be fitting that asap now I’ve removed the poorly fitting one.

Excuse the animated gif, I couldn’t resist.


Take one aluminium flight case and attach it to an old pram carcas.

Using the original locking cradle parts it locks securely into place.

Comes with foot activated brakes! and semi suspension…. time to go off-roading.


Initial set up for placement of contents. Works okay but may drill a hole through the base to pass a drainage pipe into the waste bottle below.

Will also be upgrading the handle grips and adding some pneumatic tyres/wheels instead of these rock hard white ones.

I can carry water, tripod etc on shelf below. I might get some odd looks but I reckon this is a good way to go.