Gum Dichromates II

Final week of John Brewers 19th Century printing class at Salford. Been really enjoying the past 6 weeks, not sure what I’ll do with myself on a Tuesday evening from now on. For those interested in this sort of thing, its well worth the money and I believe Johns looking at setting up further workshops in the coming months.

This week we’ve been adding additional layers to last weeks gum dichromates, hoping it will produce a much better result. Not sure myself what to make of it, I suppose it’ll have its uses to someone, probably, maybe.

To the brown gum image I added a layer of cyanotype, this looked a little wishy washy  (technical term?!) so I dried it and added another to no great difference. So left it as is. Others seemed to like it.

To the blue gum image I added a 50% VDB solution and probably overexposed at 3 minutes, resulting in a deep dark brown colour, which I rather liked but was a little too dark.

We also made an over exposed cyanotype and added a 50% VDB over the top. We had varying success with this one, some of the others had quite striking results, mine though had little colour change in the additional layer but I did like the bleaching action the VDB solution had had on the cyanotype.