Hot Chemistry

Well the trip to Satlburn for the exhibition opening went well. Great weather again and bumped into an old Uni friend at the gallery.Didn’t manage to shoot a single plate all weekend and I just left my chemistry in my workbox in the van on returning home. Maybe not the best thing to do, it had been sitting there in high temperatures for nearly a week. So i wasn’t sure what state my collodion and dev would be in. Decided to shoot a couple of test plates in between cutting a load of glass and tin.

These are on Trophy aluminium, I usually shoot on clear glas but was feeling extravagant and thought why the heck not. About 3 second expsures through a dirty window. One wholeplate and one with the box brownie.

I guess the collodion and dev are fine but one issue I did have was some peeling on the wholeplate, I think this is from an edge from cutting with a blunt blade and bending to snap the plate at the right size, the smaller plate was trimmed with a guillotine so had smoother edges.