Ilford Delta 400 in ID11 (1:3) – Yashica Mat EM

Took the Yashica out to Hebden Bridge, Hardcastle Crags, Fairy Glen (nr Parbold) and some other places. Its surprising how hard it is to shoot 12 frames of film. Still ended up shooting two frames at home so I could get on with devving the film. I really should get out more.

So Ilford Delta 400 pro. Hadn’t used this since my Uni days so wondered what the quality would be like. I needn’t have worried, my technique let me down more than the film ever could.

The on camera light meter did a pretty  good job of some awkward lighting situations so I’ll carry on using that for now. There were a couple of blown highlights, some dodgy focussing and a little bit of camera shake. The wonders of fully manual photography.

The negs after processing were surprisingly curly and a bit of a pain to scan.

These are a few examples and they’re all hand held from 1/60th to 1/500th sec.

Yashica is now loaded with Fuji Arco 100.