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Wet Plate Workshop

As some people may know I’ve become a little disillusioned with digital photography of late and after a brief dalliance with HDR imaging I have tried to regain my initial passion for photography by returning to film. I’d always had an interest in alternate processes and more recently with wet plate collodion photography.

It seems very big in the US. In the UK there are very few practitioners. I emailed one or two to see if they provide some sort of tuition or workshop. Luckily for me there was one very close indeed. John Brewer, who works in the wet plate process, was willing to provide a two day workshop if there were enough people interested.

So this weekend myself and two other wet plate newbies met John for a very informative and productive workshop.

The following blog entries will show images from both days. I need to find a decent way of copying these plates, scanning doesn’t seem to show them right and photographing them can be a nightmare.


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