Masterclass: 19th Century Photographic Printing Techniques – Cyanotypes

Following on from the collodion wet plate weekend by John Brewer I enrolled on his alternative printing masterclass in Salford. Described  as “a master class for anyone who is interested in early photographic print processes. The class will involve working with 19th Century photographic printing techniques: Van Dyke Brown and Cyanotypes. Printing using digital negatives.”


These processes were offered as optional classes whilst I was at Uni years ago and at the time I wasn’t really that interested. So I’m obviously making up for it this time around.



Depending on the end result you require you can rod or brush coat your paper with the sensitizer, also its up to you whether you mask your paper or not.


These were exposed under controlled U.V. light for 7 minutes.

A mix of 35mm, 120 roll and wet plate images printed onto inkjet digital negs.