Mather Lane Mill overexposure

After visiting Butts Mill I popped back to Mather Lane Mill to one of the side streets that look back along the canal to the bridge and mill.

Two tintypes….both looked great when wet but as they dried they were well overexposed and solarised, look really crazy. Managed to catch a narrowboat on the landscape version. They did shout and ask if it was a speed camera???

On the portrait shot I think I’m getting bellows interference along the bottom, I’d noticed it the other day on another plate. I’ll have to check that.


F8 at 2 seconds.

And heres what happened when I varnished one of the plates with the usual Sandarac/Lavender varnish… thats weird but I like it. I added 5ml of distilled water and hey presto the next two plates didn’t get this crazy effect. Apparently this is mentioned in John Coffers manual.