New project on the way!

A half plate sliding back camera thats in the post from Feepay (Poland). This is probably the most I’ve ever paid for wooden camera so I’m in a bit of shock, especially as the seller was in a few of my FB groups and shared a few friends, we could have saved ourselves the Ebay/Paypal fees. I’ll check next time. Could have saved us a few £/€.

This is a Stella camera by Neu Gorlitzer Camera Werke


It comes with three unusual plate holders.


Sliding back style. Although missing its Ground Glass section, maybe one of the plate holders can be adapted?



The main problem is that these plate holders must be designed for a different model as the sliding groove section on camera/plate holders don’t match. I’ve had a word with Mark Voce and he’s willing to take a look and see whats best for it. I’m hoping the camera slot can be moved in line with the plate holders.


The bellows look in pretty good condition overall, just need patching in sections.


To go with this new camera I have this new lens. I had taken a gamble on Feepay as it was advertised as an old wooden projector. I asked if I could just have the lens if I won the bidding. I didnt expect them to just snap off the front of the projector and send it to me! I thought at least remove the lens panel if you cant be bothered unscrewing the flange!


“The British” by JT Chapman of Manchester. His studios were just around the corner from where I sit now.


I could see from the Feepay listing that the lens wasn’t your standard projector lens so took a gamble.


Turns out to be a 7 inch f4 Petzval lens by Charles Burr. So this will fit just nicely on the camera when it arrives. Thank you Pawel.