New Studio and workshops

Well, that took longer than expected.

Seven months after first getting the keys to my new studio space at Spinners Mill in leigh, I think I am just about finished and up and running, not bad considering it was mostly Fridays and weekend. Granted there will be a few little things to finish off and some snagging to sort as I work in the space but I am finally there.

Thanks to everyone who has lent a helping hand along the way, it is truly appreciated and the space looks great. Special thanks to Steph, Betty, Vicky, Rajat, Pat and Eloise.

Wet plate workshops are now back on so spread the word. Small group workshops are now also available due to the increased size of the studio and darkroom. I’ll also be adding more alt photo workshops in the coming months.

Sorry that most of my updates have been on social media of late, I’ll get back to blogging now that I’m back in a studio.

Here’s a quick snapshot of that journey.

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