Oops, another Studio Camera

When I see these things I can’t help myself, especially when selling at such low prices. This one was obviously not selling because of the damage, but I figure if the lens will sell on for more than I paid, then its a no brainer.

Although the damage looks pretty bad, its a straightforward fix to make it usable again. An earlier repair included nails?

It was pretty filthy, covered in I do not know what? It had the smell of patchouli and the texture of hard dried peanut butter?

I took it all apart, gave it a good clean and polish. The bellows are salvageable and the plate holder needs a new darkslide.

The main damage can be glued, filled and supported with brass L bracket plates on the inside and out.

There was also a buckled pneumatic shutter behind the lens, which I’ve removed but someone will find of use.

The lense is an early Cooke Series III for half plate, although the camera is for up to whole plate size. The lens also has the Taylor Taylor and Hobson Patent on the barrel. As sold by The City Sale & Exchange Lime Street and Aldergate Street so from 1897 ish.

It makes a nice addition to the studio… after closure due to a fire in March and then Covid restrictions I might get to shoot/print something from next Friday.