Another 16.5 x 18.5 inch Hunter Penrose camera after a little day trip North of Hebden Bridge.

This one had sold previously on eBay but the buyer was overseas and it was pick up only, so it was relisted with “Make an Offer” … so I did.

It was being sold on behalf of a very interesting older lady who collected all sorts of wonderful items with her husband. He had recently passed away, so she was clearing part of the Chapel their collection was stored in.

I’d been told it was all there but it was still a gamble on condition but for the price I paid I’m happy.

It needs a very good clean and polish. The only real work that needs doing is to the tambour roller on the plate holder.

It also came with its cast iron stand/base and the original copy board/stand.

I managed to squeeze the metalwork in to the car. And I had invited Mark Voce along to see if the timber was of any use to him. I was hoping it was mahogany but it looks like it might be some decent chunks of vintage pine. I’m sure he’ll knock up something amazing with it.

There was also a huge vacuum press/screen as part of the set up but we had to leave that behind.

The seller also included a large number of half tone glass plates, 1/4, 1/2, whole, 10×12 and 12×15 inches. 

Does anyone have a use for them?

The camera and stand I’m going to sort out over the winter, it’ll then be up for sale to help with the Etching Press fund… if your interested let me know.

If anyone had a similar stand I’d appreciate any pics of it assembled. Thank you.

If forgotten how heavy these cameras are, thanks to Seb and his mate from down the corridor for helping my get this up to my studio.

It’s a little cramped in the studio now but it’s all in a worthwhile cause.