Out with the old, in with the new – ish.

I’m retiring my well used leaking rusty acrylic 10×8 tank thats held together with gaffer tape for this wood boxed one I found on Feepay…

Ive had good use out of this old tank but it leaks occasionally and the chain has rusted through.


This new (used) one was for sale on Feepay, turned out to be a Mamut Photo silver tank someone had bought and has now moved up to bigger plates.

I paid less then half of what it would have cost direct from Mamut, although I’m still in the market for a Travel Tank from Mark Voce.


This one is a hinged plywood boxed with clear acrylic tank with foam “shock absorbers”?


I’ll see how it goes, I’m always interested in how different makers kit works in the field.