Ribblehead Viaduct with Darlot lens

Popped up to North Yorkshire for a couple of days camping with Steph. Took the wetplate gear with me just in case I got a chance. Had a spare hour on the Thursday so took a couple of plates of Ribblehead Viaduct with the “new” Darlot lens. One plate with full lens and one with cone removed, not sure what the correct configuration of the lens so tried both. Must get a much larger water bottle/carrier as running out of water shooting wetplate is a nightmare and a waste of resources. Also need to improve access to my make shift darkbox whilst maintaining light tightness. I had a few issues with fogging etc.

The vignette is partly due to the front standard movement I had in place but also probably to do with the limited image circle at that focal distance.


Exposures were less than 1 second for the coneless lens and 2 seconds with the cone and aperture fitted. I will check the focal length and speed of the lens when I get back in the studio and do a test shoot.