Richard had popped back to the studio for a couple of plates. I had planned on using window light for the session as the day before had been a bright spring day, but this is Manchester and it was again as miserable as ever outside.

We shot a couple of plates with the available light which kept changing for each plate. These were f4 for about 10-20 seconds.




And then some studio lights for about eight seconds.


This one was way under exposed, over developed and had cracked in the plate holder. I had thrown it to one side but then salvaged it at the end of the session.


At the time I didn’t think much of the plates but the one used as the main blog image is growing on me. Richard is a very patient sitter and oozes enthusiasm and reminds me to not be over critical of my work. Something I’m very guilty of. Thanks for your time Richard, hopefully get him back in soon.

This session also reminded me of the importance of chemical maintenance, I think I need to spend a couple of hours filtering and topping up.