Rollei 35 LED

Jamie, at work, lent me a Rollei 35 LED as I was looking at them on Feepay. The Yashica rangefinder I bought a while back is a little too big for my pocket.

The Rollei is still a Rangefinder, it’s just you have to use scale or distance focusing. The viewfinder on this one is used for composition and the light meter. It’s a great size.


I put a roll of Ilford fp4 through it to see what its like. I was mostly concerned with forgetting to focus, but it turned out not to be a problem. Exposures were hit and miss looking at the contact sheet.


I knocked out a few small prints this evening, not sure I’d blow them up further than 10×8 though.




One thing I do need is a different enlarger lens, the one I have is for 5×4 so 35mm can’t be enlarged much further than these prints.

I really enjoyed having a small film camera at hand, as I’m not a fan if carrying a load of kit around, unless it’s wet plate. So I’ll be on the lookout for the LED version as the S and T versions go for silly money.