Salturn by the Sea


This weekend a few of us attended the UKLFPG get together in Saltburn by the Sea.

Whilst the majority of attendees were film users there were three wetplaters from the NW of England. Myself, John and Marizu.

Working in wetplate doesnt allow the same sort of freedom of movement that film users have so we set up shop on the seafront on the Saturday, moving into town later in the day. Sunday we shot the viaduct and surrounding area before setting up on the upper promenade for a final attempt.

The wetplate photographers were invited with view of using some of the wet plate images in an exhibition in July that celebrates the towns 150 year anniversary. Here are some of my plates. Most are shot on clear glass but two are on black glass. I think the shot of the tractor on the beach is my best shot of the weekend, really pleased with it. I had planned on printing most of these as Van Dyke Browns but we’ll see how it goes.

We had great weather. Exposure times depending on what lens you were using were less than a second at f4. Three people shooting out of one dark box and one silver box can get a little frustrating I suppose, and this led to some poor pours and devs on my part. John shot a great triptych of Saltburn Viaduct and some lovely portraits, Marizu had some great plates on the Saturday, not sure what he shot on the Sunday as he was running all over the place getting different shots. Far too much energy that lad.