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Solfest 2012 and the two that got away….

We’ve just got back from a very muddy Solfest.

I had taken along the wet plate gear in the back of the van but the weather as usual was a little restrictive. The sun did make an appearance on the Sunday afternoon so I shot a couple of quarter plate tintypes of some of the nearby fellow campers. These are some digi grab shots whilst the plates are still in the wash so not as good as the usual scanned plates as it was a little breezy with bits of all sorts floating around in it.



Also managed to grab a quick plate of this chap, Jack, he was walking around for the three days with a cardboard sign that said “Free Hugs”, he was pretty busy and the whole idea made me smile.

There were another two plates of some ladies from the same party that sat for me. Unfortunately they didn’t want the images put online so I’ve removed them from this blog post. A shame really as we thought the plates looked great. Vanity? Witness Protection Programme? Who knows? But it has raised a few questions of image ownership and rights etc? Of course, a paying customer or for a commercial project has different rights to a volunteer sitter? or do they? but where does one draw the line? A whole can of worms/kettle of fish which I might start a separate post for…. if I could only figure out how to link my Facebook comments to my blog comments it would be quite a chat.

Also this week I need to do a little chemical maintenance and mix some new recipes. I’d also like to sort out a large silver bath and put a few plate through the Hunter-Penrose camera.