That’s right, not wooden cameras…

Three cameras I’ve recently purchased without wet plate in mind…..

A Franka Solida III, German made in the 1950s. Slightly different from other Solida cameras in that it folds out vertically rather than horizontally. It reminds me of my old Fuji GS645S that I always regretted selling, granted this doesn’t have the coupled rangefinder but it is 6×6 with a fast f2.9 lens. It’s now loaded up with a roll of HP5.

A Pentax ME Super with Pancake lens, another camera I regretted selling, the Pentax ME Super was my camera of choice at Univesity, its pretty basic and does just what its supposed to.

What I like about it, especially with this 40mm pancake lens, is the small size of it, just slips into my jacket pocket.

This third camera was more of a indulgence than enything else, I’d never seen a Praktica FX2 before, the “waist level” finder intrigued me.

Made in the mid 1950s and built like a brick. I popped my Mamiya 35 m42 lens onto it to see how it goes.

Since I can’t carry my wet plate gear on me I thought I’d try to get used to carrying a film camera again, even if its only in my pocket.