The lazy Silver siphon

I first saw this USB battery powered water pump on Facebook on one of the Self Build Campervan groups. Initially I joked that it would make a great wine dispenser instead of water…. then it got me thinking.

I do have a vacuum siphon for the large silver nitrate tank. As emptying it by lifting and pouring does risk wasting some with spillage, I often forget to pack it. I was reminded of this at the end of the Guys Cliffe event. In a rush and a little tired I did spill quite a bit of Silver Nitrate. And that means £££.

So just for fun I bought one of these USB pumps. The charge lasts about 4 hours of constant pumping. Theres a plastic hose with a small filter at the end that fits nicely to the bottom of my large tank. On the top is a large on/off button and it feeds through to a stainless steel spout. The button lights a blue LED when on. A shame, if it was red it would be great for dispensing developer in the darkroom 🙂

Okay its a little overkill, but I do love a gadget, and I’m sure there are multiple other uses. I’ve bought another to replace the manual water hand pump in the van.