Very wet and windy wetplate.

I was really looking forward to 4 days in North Yorkshire shooting wetplate, I’d prepped 30 5×7 sheets of glass, made a darkbox for the back of the van and got everything ready and sorted. What I hadn’t planned on was the good old British weather. Near freezing temperatures, driving rain, gale force winds and localised flooding put an end to what was going to be a very productive week. Did see some fab areas for future visits and also some great grub and beer.

Pendragon Castle

This image was taken at my second setup after the first nearly blew the camera over, I was sheltered behind a wall trying to take a shot of Pendragon Castle. It was cold, it was wet and it was windy. I was enjoying myself but the weather really wasn’t helping.

I soon packed up as the camera shake was seriously affecting every plate. This was the best of a bad batch and still underexposed.

5×7 on clear glass. 22 seconds. F5ish lens. Quick clear collodion. Rapid Fix.