Watch this space…..all 1000sq ft of it.

studioI’ve been looking at getting some studio space for the last few months. Theres not really enough room at home and Steph was getting a little annoyed with the silver nitrate stains appearing around the place.

I had been to Islington Mill in Salford for a look around their studios during one of their open days, granted they have great set up as an established artists studio, venue, bar and cafe. Unfortunately the spaces were a little small for me and lacked any water and drainage.

A friend, Jo, had mentioned he had set his printing press up in a mill in Ancoats, Manchester and had previously invited me along for a look around. He has around 600 sq feet for his printing presses etc and the rent was much lower than IM. Granted theres no bar etc. Initially I had discussed maybe sharing with Jo but decided to take it a little bit further.

I had mentioned I was looking for studio space to John Brewer and he was looking for somewhere to hold his workshops etc. Ideal. We had a look at a few vacant studios and this one seemed to fit the bill exactly. About 1000 square feet, lots of natural light, water and drainage (sort of). Between the two of us this size space is more than adequate and affordable.

Signed the lease today and started moving bits and pieces in. Theres some small not so small jobs that need doing but we reckon we can be up and running within a couple of weeks. So watch this space….