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While the cats away…

As I have the studio to myself this week, I thought I’d have a crack at some larger plates.

I’ve just about got the Vageeswari 8.5×15 camera sorted, the plate holders have been fixed and varnished, got me some big glass cut and ready.
No silver bath this size so I just used a clean tray in the darkroom, not ideal but it served its purpose. Main problem with this is some lines/marks where you cant get a smooth insert into the bath.
Its a little bit more tricky trying to balance the plate and pour the collodion etc but I suppose its the same as the smaller plates just………bigger?

Shot two plates, both underexposed and therefore over developed.

Unfortunately the whole plate doesn’t fit on the scanner, although I can get a decent enough scan of most of it by just laying it on top of the surrounding plastic and scanning with the lid up.

This could get very addictive, I think I’m gonna like big plates.