Whole Plate TC Bridges of Bradford

I picked this up at a local “antique” centre.

Had just about finished looking around when I glanced down next to a bookcase and saw a sorry bit of woodwork covered in cobwebs and dust.

No plate holders, no lens panel/lens but the bellows are in ok condition and its Whole Plate!

Photo 23-02-2015 19 16 39

Twenty minutes in the studio and a new ground glass screen.

Photo 23-02-2015 19 16 30


Photo 23-02-2015 19 18 27

Not being known for my woodworking skills, it amazing what you can do with some plywood, craft knife and gaffer tape…. Will raid my box of ebay lenses at home for something suitable.

Photo 23-02-2015 19 20 29

And lucky enough I had one plate holder that fits almost perfectly it just needs some small hinges to finish.

Its had a good polish, wish I’d taken a pic of the before stage, and now looks real good. Not sure if its a keeper or a seller.

Oh I do like a bargain. I’ll not tell you how much I paid for this as you’ll cry.