Why old school is best…

Yesterday I did a digital shoot for ceramic artist Marie Canning, she makes delightful dainty ceramic jewellery and accessories. We also shot a couple of quarter plate ambrotypes.

This morning I’ve been going through the digital files to find each one corrupt with excessive banding and noise. So the whole shoot wasted. I can only assume this is a sensor problem so its going in to be looked at. This is the first time in 12 years that I’ve had to contact a client and explain that theres been a technical problem and offer a re-shoot. The first time ever and hopefully the last. Very embarrassing and a little sickening and makes me appreciate how much we rely on digital modern day technology. How often do we back up our data at home/work. I’ve just spent the last couple of hours backing up the last few months work to my portable hard drive and double checking everything. I do believe we’ve (or at least I’ve) become far too complacent.

At least with wet plate what you see is what you get, its right there in front of you, physical and visual evidence…



Thankfully Marie was very understanding and we’re arranging a re shoot next week. And Nicola, Maries friend and model, I will get some extra heating in for you… sorry it was so cold in the studio.