A Family ambrotype

Bought this lovely family group ambrotype. Originally described as a Daguerreotype, so got it at a discount when the seller realised.
It was loose in its frame so was moving around quite a bit but arrived safely.

I had to remove the backing paper from the rear of the frame to get to the plate to make it safe, but this came off in one piece which makes me think it was a later replacement anyway. There was no written info on the insides as is sometimes the case.

The inner support was surprisingly another hanging frame mount, a frame within a frame, so it had been reframed at some stage.

Five well dressed children with their Mother, Grandmother or other?
The second child holds a violin, third child holds mothers hand, love how the fourth child’s casually leans on her shoulder and the fifth child I think is wearing a kilt/sporran?

Its not varnished on the collodion emulsion side so the silver had started to degrade, and blacked on the reverse. I’ll get it sealed back up and secured.