An Over Painted Portrait

Another over painted portrait for the studio wall.

This one had been on Feepay for ages, it was originally listed with Make an Offer, as the full price was too much, I made an offer. It got refused and the message that came with it was quite rude from the seller. So I refused to up my offer. I noticed it was being re-listed again and again always at the same price. So I just left it in my Watch list. A year later, thats a year of re-listing, I notice they had dropped the price…. to a price much less than what I had originally offered! I’ll have that thank you very much.



Whats of special interest with this portrait was the small instruction print and details on the reverse. Instructions to the artist/over-painter regarding hair, eye, clothing colour etc. A lovely little bonus.

The mount/frame is very dry and brittle and I doubt will last much longer on display.




Patience is a virtue they say. Being tight is a virtue I say!