Bromoil matrices…

I managed to spend some time in the studio today.

I had found an old folder with negatives from when I first started to get into photography. Thirty years ago. My first 35mm slr camera was given to me by a friend, Paul Bowen, when we were living in House 50, Cardiff Royal Infirmary. In another life I was a nurse, in case you didn’t know. That camera was an old Praktika MTL2. It was as solid as a brick. I still have it somewhere.

I chose a negative that has always been a favourite, I’m sure we all have them.

This was an old bench overlooking the Rhondda Valley where I grew up.

Shot on Ilford HP5, this is printed on Foma N113. I usually use Ilford MG FB for Bromoil but this is the last of the Foma paper.

I use the usual Bromoil Bleach/Tanning solution but minus the Sulphuric Acid. Nasty Stuff.

I mix up smaller portion sizes nowadays. I think this green bleach/tanning solution is my favourite of photographic chemistry colours.

Ten minutes at 20 degrees and your left with this whisper of an image. This is the Bromoil Matrix.

It fades further when washed and fixed again. I’ve left them to dry ready for inking next week.

Fingers crossed.