Christmas has come late…

On visiting my Parents prior to Christmas I was shown a couple of boxes of photographic equipment that had been dropped off by a friend of the family. It all used to belong to his Father who had passed away and it had been sitting in the shed for the past fifteen years or so. A quick look through revealed mostly darkroom equipment from the 1950/1960s. A couple of Gnome Beta II enlargers, small contact print frames, dev tanks, paper, chems etc.

Its been sitting in the boot of the car till now. I’ve had a good look through. There are some interesting and useful bits and pieces but when I got to the bottom of one of the boxes look what I found!

Remember this…..? Kodak No.3 Camera

It then clicked that the cameras that had been dropped of last year came from the same family, so this glass screen is the actual screen for this camera. I’m really happy as I’d not been able to find one online.



Also in the boxes were a few books and some neg sleeves. In one I found a roll of processed/cut 35mm film in an envelope by Kodak “Miniature Negatives”. I’d read earlier in one of the books about touching up miniature negs but didn’t think twice about it. It then occurred to me its referring to 35mm film…. as miniature negatives. I’d never seen them referred to as this before. Sub Miniature in terms of Minox, Medium Format and Large fomat, yes, but never miniature negatives! Well you learn something every day.

There were also some 127 negs and a glass plate in the contact frames. I’ve made some high res scans and will return the negs/plates with a cd of images.

Happy New Year everyone.