Colour Reversal II

I had a couple of hours in the studio this morning whilst Steph was in work.

This time the filter pack was made up from Ilford Multigrade enlarger filters rather than the Cibachrome set that I first tried. I think I prefer the Cibachrome ones. I’ve ordered a mixed pack of lighting gels to also have a go with.

Cutting 10×8 paper down to whole plate (8.5×6.5 inch) in the pitch black, with a sharp blade is a little nerve wracking but as long as there’s an organised workspace then it seemed to go well. I still have all my fingers.

I think I need to try this with skin tones as there is such a variety to hue shifts and colour casts that it might be a case of designated filter packs depending on subject matter. As long as skin tomes are near enough correct I’m not that bothered by the surrounding information. Is a true calibrated RGB image actually possible?

I either have a cyan cast in the shadows or a yellow cast in the highlights!! A compromise might be the final answer.

The colour shifts don’t seem to bother me that much. I tried a digital white balance on a cyan heavy version below but I’m not convinced how much time and effort to put in, to chase down a colour correct image. I remember at Uni always being told my colour printing always had a hint of blue/cyan. Maybe there’s a little colour blindness involved?

I’m also looking at stepping up a size so I can shoot on the 12×15 inch camera. I picked this Jobodrum 4550 drum off ebay. I have paper ready at this size but filters will need to be at least 4 1/2 inch to cover the Dallmeyer 4B lens.

Ilford do a Multigrade pack at 6 inch square but they are about £65-75 a pack.