Colour Reversal with cheap Gels

So this time the filter pack was made up from a cheap set of acetate lighting gels off Amazon. Really only the yellow, orange, red and magenta/purple? were going to be of any use.

Turns out it was either all or nothing with little in between. They come as A4, easily cut and are fairly transparent for use as a filter.

I soon gave up on them, but the Tiffen 4.5 inch 85B filter I bought off ebay just about covers the elements on the Dallmeyer 4B.

I was trying to think of other materials to use before I fork out for a large filter set, when I remembered the large pieces of orange stained glass that I’ve had in the studio for years. I think they were given to me at the end of one of the European Collodion Weekends by Jan Kratochvil?

So I cut some usable sized pieces and popped it into the mix. I ended up taking filters out of the pack. Ending up with just the 85B and a small sheet of this orange stained glass. It still needs fine tuning still but the less elements involved in the filter pack the better I suppose.

I couldn’t resist and did a larger 12×15 inch print. The paper I have is actually 16×20 inches (must have bought it for the Hunter Penrose I no longer have), and its a right pain to cut down with limited darkroom worktop space.

A little under exposed but it was getting late and a little rushed as I needed to get home.

I’m quite enjoying working in full cour for a change.