Day trip to Leicester

We popped across to Leicester the other weekend to pick up a Print Down Frame (UV vacuum exposure unit) from a local printer that was retiring.

Looking at it I think its also due for retirement. Its still in full working order, its just looking its age. For the price I cant really complain.



Initial tests show that theres not much difference in exposure times between this and the Philips Face-tanning unit but this has been bought more for the vacuum system for when I want to start making photopolymer plates.


Whilst there we had planned to call into the Cathedral but it was closed for rehearsals for a later event. So we visited the Jewry Wall Museum instead.


I wish I’ve taken more images of the amazing Diorama figures, these were from the Festival of Britain 1951. The detail in the human characters were of a much higher standard than the animals but each of these had its own charm.

The Jewry Wall Museum is well worth a visit but seriously need some funding to update its display cases and interpretation.

On the way back to the car there was time to visit the now open Cathedral.



And one has to call in to visit the relatives I guess.