Deep Nostalgia AI

There’s been quite a bit of activity on Twitter over the new MyHeritage feature – the Deep Nostalgia AI animate function.

Again this is going to be a Marmite moment. You are either going to love it or absolutely it. Sorry Paul.

I prefer the colourise feature on the MyHeritage app, but prefer Remini for the enhancement tool. Both of which I’ve blogged about before.

This new Deep Nostalgia feature is a bit of fun and I can see how these things are considered a gimmick but tech has to start somewhere. And to think this sort of thing would have taken hours years ago. Now just automated in seconds with one click. Again different settings on different images will give varying results, some better than others.

Lots of mine resulted in zombie like lazy eye portraits but every now and again the result is…. okay.

My usual go to test images are by Julia Margaret Cameron.

Already colourised
Deep Nostalgia applied…

A tintype of Castro from the 2013 ECW event.

An old passport photo, God knows how old I am in this one, 18 maybe? Edit: more like 25 now I think about it.

As already mentioned you are either going to love it or hate it. Which are you?

Edit: This app is creating quite a discussion on social media in regards to authenticity, ethics and misinformation. It’s worth reading the wiki page on Deepfake as a start to the debate.