Demon Drink III

Well today was the last possible day to shoot the last of the Temperance sites for the Peoples History Museum.

Over the past few weeks we’ve had some dreadful weather across the UK and along with Manchester sporting events and Olympic torch relays etc opportunities for city centre shooting have been a little tricky. Days where the weather has been great (there weren’t that many) I unfortunately had others jobs already booked in.

So today was all guns blazing. A whistle stop tour, some lucky parking and the ever patient Steph in tow, we managed to shoot five more plates. The day started off pretty wet and windy but cleared up towards the afternoon. Depending on if the sun was out or not exposures were around one to four seconds at f8 on the old Dallmeyer lens. I might get around to making some waterhouse stops for this lens to get some greater depth of field, one day.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day of printing by the looks of things. Heres some quick scans….

Coffee Tavern near Piccadilly Station

The Free Trade Hall

The Onward Building


Temperance Hotel near Victoria Station