ECW 2016

I cannot believe I didn’t blog about the 2016 European Collodion Weekend (ECW)!!!

One of the highlights of my year, I really look forward to travelling to Eindhoven each May to meet up with fellow wet platers, old and new friends and their families.

This was the third that I have attended now, and each year is different to the next, even though its at the same venue its always slightly different. This year we had some excellent home cooked foods, campfires, musicians and drones!

I travelled there with Mark Voce, driving via the ferry at Dover, we met Tony Lovell on route as he was attending for the first time. Arriving on the Friday afternoon to find many others had turned up early and were in the bar. People travel from far and wide, thats what I love about this weekend, the vast variety of people. Its when I visit each year I’m reminded how insular we are in the UK compared to the rest of Europe. And this years event was just before the Euro Referendum vote….. and I did try to reassure lots of people there that we weren’t that stupid in the UK to vote to leave….. oops, sorry seems there were quite a few.

So, heres a small slideshow of the images I still have on my phone. I feel really bad for not blogging this great weekend sooner. Thank you everyone for being so friendly and hospitable,  for those that brought food and drink form their homelands and those that cooked for the group. A very special thank you to Alex Timmermans for making this all happen each year. Hopefully see you all again in May 2017…. if Alex would be so kind.

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