Llanthony Priory 2016

As I’m updating my main website I’ve noticed another event I seem to have forgot to blog about last year.

Last years Wet Plate Weekend meet up was again at Llanthony Priory by popular demand.


It was very very wet and windy! Even so, that didn’t stop a determined group of wet platers descending on Llanthony Priory for their annual wet plate camping weekend. Granted some opted for the drier environs of the local Inns but there were a handful who braved the weather with just canvas above their heads.

This year “Cliff Barnes” from Germany and Melanie Jane Fry from France had flown over to join us. I do believe Melanies son was with her but he was of the “lesser spotted variety” that seemed to hibernate most of the weekend. I wish the weather could have been better for you but I hope you had a great time anyway.


Steph and I arrived early Friday evening, we bumped into Kevin Lunham and headed to the bar….others soon began to arrive and join us.

Processed with Snapseed.

Once again the staff at Llanthony Priory Hotel/Bar were very accommodating to us and we all managed to squeeze into the bar on the Friday night.


On the Saturday, we thought it only fair to take some custom to the Half Moon Inn just a few minutes walk from the Priory. Another quirky country pub.

Oh, hold on it wasn’t all eating and drinking…. and did I mention it was raining?

The year before we had glorious sunshine, no such luck in 2016, but that is Wales for you.


Tony working patiently and committed to his 8×20 plates.


Not sure what the rope was for but they were committed and on a mission. Some would say an impossible one. Mark Scholey and Tony Lovell off up the hill again.


There were some smiley faces. Melanie and Kevin making the most of it.


Quarter plate tintype…


Melanie and Steph waiting patiently…. “Can we go home yet?”


By the end of the weekend I was in serious pain with close to trenchfoot. Better waterproof footwear next time.

Thank you everyone for turning up, even though the forecast for the weekend was so miserable even before you set off from home.

For 2017 lets find a different venue. This originally started off as “lets just camp in a field and shoot some plates of something interesting” but we soon found that we like some creature comforts, whether that be a pub, B&B, wifi, underfloor heating… I try to accomodate all requests.

So if you know somewhere that has camping, B&B, a pub with food and something to shoot then let me know.