A while back I wrote about MyHeritage colourisation feature for uploaded photos. Well, they have recently added an Enhance feature.

At first I assumed it was just a standard sharpen filter to all but looking into it, it again uses machine learning and AI. Detecting facial features and upscaling. It works a treat. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should!

I can see it being of use for that occasional cherished family photo you wish was just a little bit sharper. How about applying it to images that were “intentionally” soft? Or an aesthetic charm that relies on the softer nuances of the process or lens.

Lets take a look at Julia Margaret Cameron, well know for her soft blurry images, whether intentional or not. Does it change how you experience the image? I think so.

How about some of my own wet plates grabbed from Social Media?

And back to the usual test image from Julia Margaret Cameron. This one getting more and more detached from the original. This time enhanced and colourised.

The difference is remarkable, sometimes a little too harsh, but thats expected when you are used to seeing the soft blur associated with some of these images.

A useful tool for sure, a shame its a subscription service, and not cheap if you are just using it for imagery. You get so many goes when you first register then it asks for subscription.

Not sure if there a file size limit but I was impressed with what it could do with 1-2 mb jpegs.

Give it a go.