How does it go back together again???

I’ve taken apart the Billcliff 12×15 camera, its surprising how much wood there is..

The rotating back I’ve repaired and strengthened, I’ve cleaned off all the dirt and old grease from the brass workings. This time there were no snapped screw heads or wood too badly damaged to be repaired. I still have to go over the bellows and patch up the corner holes and make sure its light tight. I haven’t gone too crazy with cleaning and polishing as it has a lovely patina and I don’t want it looking too much like a new camera.

I just have to put it all back together again, luckily I took an image of the camera still complete before I started to take it to pieces. Click here for that pic

Just need a larger silver box making and I might revamp the back of my van with an integrated fold out darkbox rather than the plywood mobile one I have at the moment, this will give me loads more room for shooting these larger plates.