I said I wouldn’t but I did…..

Okay okay. I know I said no more… but this one was just asking to be bought. Some of the fancier models go for silly money but I got this for just a couple of pounds.

A Zeiss Ikon Baby Box Tengor camera. German made from the 1930’s, it takes 3×4 cm exposures on 127 roll film. Good job I have half a dozen recently expired rolls at the studio. Might just put one through or maybe keep it for wet plates….

It has a Frontar 50mm at f/11. Fixed focus at 125th or B! Minimum focus distance is 3 feet.The eyepiece unfolds and you pull up the wire focus finder, it also acts as a safety lock as the shutter will not fire if the frame is still down.

Its a great little camera, solidly built with a metal body covered with “leatherette”.

Other models have variable aperture and even focus control…. but not this one.