I’m sure I’ve been here before..

I continue to replace my darkroom equipment, after selling all my enlargement equipment over the years, I’ve found I’m having to repurchase a lot of the stuff I had trouble even giving away a few years ago. There must be a popular resurgence in darkroom and analogue techniques. And this of course pushes up the prices and demand.

I’ve been looking for a large easel for a few weeks but they always go beyond my budget for a decent condition one. So I saw this one poorly listed on Ebay, no mention of size at all, and the jpegs were pretty poor so you couldn’t make out the numbers. Luckily it turned out to be exactly the right size. 12×16 inch and in as new in box condition.

So I think I’m about there. I could do with some more very large clean trays but thats about it. I’m still thinking of moving the darkroom sink around 90 degrees, this will give me a little bit more room to get the UV vacuum exposure unit back in. I am full of good intentions, just need to get re motivated now I’ve gotten rid of this chest infection, after five weeks.