Introducing the CARDD

Procrastination is my strong point.

I’m sunning my silver baths ready for the Wet Plate Weekend in August, shame theres not a lot of sun in Manchester, so it may take some time.

In the meantime, one bugbear of wet plate events and workshops is taking digital copy shots of the plates on your mobile phone. Reflections galore!

Half plate taken at Coffers Jamboree by Jay Philbin 2012

So here is the CARDD or Collodion Anti Reflection Digitisation Device. Cardd just happens to be Welsh for Garden, which is where I made these this morning…

An old strip of plywood from when I lined the campervan, cut into sections. Painted black one side and decorated the other with old copies of the Illustrated Collodion News . Granted a piece of cardboard does the same thing, but wheres the fun in that?

They feature a central aperture to place your phone camera onto and digitise your plates, up to whole plate size, without the risk of reflections. I did buy a cheap phone case to stick to the back to make it a little more user friendly but that restricts who else can use it.

No reflections 🙂

Works a treat. I’ll bring them along to the August event, they may prove useful, either way it kept me out of trouble this morning.

If you’d like more info on the UK Wet Plate & Alternative Process Weekend then there’s info in this blog post below…