Kentmere Kenthene II Bromoil

This afternoon I soaked and inked the remaining test matrixes from the Kentmere Kenthene RC paper

I was not impressed with how it started. Usual soak times and temps weren’t working very well compared to earlier tests.

There were also resoak issues with some swirling patterns in some areas. You can clearly see it in the lower shadow area of this print. Although the detail remains good.

I ended up going for a much longer soak and a higher temp. 40 minutes at 30 degrees. This improved things somewhat.

I suppose it makes sense as the previous inking tests were straight from bleach/tanning, so the paper had been in the bleach, fix and wash for over an hour in total. So plenty of time for the gelatine swell.

On a downside the Saniflo pump for the darkroom waste water has started to fail. Thats the second in eleven years. Maybe I’ll buy a new one this time…. if I can’t fix it.